Reasons why I suck at blogging + 3 ladies who don’t

Honest to blog…

Here in the blogging world, it’s easy to feel like I don’t measure up because I’m not just like other bloggers. It’s a weird comparison–blogging is all about being yourself, but there’s a big pressure to be just like bigger, more popular blogs. It is tough sometimes, but I’ve learned that it’s good to blog about things that are different than other people. I may have less readers but those readers know they can’t find a blog just like mine anywhere else. And yes, this is more than slightly tongue-in-cheek.

So here are four reasons why I suck at blogging, followed by a few ladies who don’t suck at blogging. 

1. I don’t make DIYs all the time. If you’ve been around here long enough, you know that I made one diy, once–envelopes made out of magazine pages. That took about ten minutes. I don’t sew my own clothes, much less publish pictures and patterns for them. And I don’t make all the decorations for my house out of mason jars, god forbid.

Anne makes, well, everything. Especially this finger-knit love pillow.

2. I don’t take beautiful pictures of my food. Come to think of it, no food that I make ever looks beautiful. Let’s just say that I’ve lit toast on fire before and put silverware in the microwave more times than I care to admit.

Amanda K by the Bay makes ice cream, every Sunday. Most recently, Kahlua Chocolate Chunk with Caramel Swirls!

3. I don’t take pictures of my outfits. It’s not that I don’t dress cute, I just can’t figure out how to (a) take pictures of myself using just an iPhone or (b) not be awkward in pictures. (Side note: I really would like to start posting pictures, because you know, I have great style and all. Anyone have advice for doing it on an iPhone/without a photographer?)

Jessica at Jeans and a Teacup, looking adorbs, as always.


4. Also, I don’t even have a camera (other than my iPhone), so I can’t post pretty pictures of every single thing I do. I use stock pictures or things from Pinterest, but they’re rarely my own. (This is the one exception when I took pictures.)  For any of you bloggers who also are not too camera-handy, here’s a great source for pretty stock pictures! Also, Flickr’s creative commons are great too.

What makes you different than other bloggers–why do you “suck” at typical blogging? Any tips for me to on reason number 3? 


Why I Like Jerry Springer

I feel like a thousand people are about to [x] out of my blog after reading just the blog title. But it’s true, I legitimately enjoy watching Jerry Springer on some level. Yeah, it’s twisted, I know. Judge away!–but first, let me explain.

go to a jerry springer show, it would be the experience of my life

Dislaimer: I don’t agree with most things on the show and I doubt you do either.  I think most sane people feel the same way. It shows way too screwed up relationships and yeah, I do feel sorry for the guests on the show.

But here’s the tricky part: as much as I want to hate the show, I can’t. Every time a girl brings in a cheating boyfriend and yells at him, I get a small amount of satisfaction. I somehow get pleasure out of watching people get things out in the open and stand up for themselves when they’ve been wronged.

Ignoring all the slapping and swearing and et cetera, if we could all be that honest all the time, wouldn’t we be happier?

Awhile ago, the boy and I had a bit of an argument. There was something that was bothering me for a little while but I kept ignoring it because I didn’t want to argue about it. So I just stuffed it down deep and didn’t say anything. But then later, after something little he said, I got mad. It all comes out sometime. And because I let it build, I was upset enough about it that it was hard to discuss like mature people and it came out as an attack on him.

Once we had come to an agreement, he just asked me why I didn’t tell him. And that’s a hard question, why we aren’t honest.

Is it because I’m afraid of making things uncomfortable, I just want peace or am I just self-centered? I don’t know the answer.

Pretty intense episode of Jerry Springer, lol.

Get yourself a giggle out of this “brutal betrayal”.

When I think about it, my dishonesty is everywhere, and with all honesty, yours probably is too. Not straight up lies, but we sugarcoat, we tame things down or leave out important information. In the example I just mentioned, I withheld something important deliberately. I try not to, but I’m human and I do lie more than I would care to admit. But then really, am I not almost continually lying?

A customer at work (I scoop ice cream) last night asked me how I was. And I answered with my standard, “I’m good, how are you?” little spiel. But in truth, my head hurt, we were severely understaffed, I had just cut my hand on the shake blender (those suckers are weapons, I tell you) minutes before. I wanted advil and a nap, not to make four chocolate peanut butter banana shakes.

But would it really have been acceptable to answer with that? Even politely, to say “It’s been a long night; I’m a bit stresed”? I doubt anyone would like that. I think most people would be caught off guard and at least slightly uncomfortable. Because when people ask how you’re doing, a huge percentage of the time, they don’t care about your answer. And we know this.

And I can’t wrap this post up with an answer as to why we treat each other the way we do; I’m guilty of the same. But I just had to get that off my chest and I think it’s worth recognizing that our small dishonest moments change the way we treat other people and by extension, the happiness of people around us.

Be honest–do you watch Jerry Springer? Are you totally judging me? And you deserve a prize for reading this whole thing. Props to you.


The Reverse Bucket List.

This idea’s from Chimerikal (a great gal and a great blog! Check her out). Almost any blog you go to is going to have a bucket list, right? Everyone has things that they want to do in order to have their ideal life and feel like they’ve made their lives worth it. But the thing is, our lives already are worth it. What if we counted all the great things we have done, instead of everything we still want? After I wrote this list, I just felt fantastic…I’m still young and I’ve done so many things and had so many opportunities. So this is my reverse bucket list: the things I’ve already been lucky enough to experience.

  1. Go whitewater rafting
  2. Ride horses.
  3. Touch a stingray.
  4. Zipline in Mexico.
  5. See the sunset.
  6. Swim in one of the Great Lakes
  7. Go skiing
  8. Go canoeing
  9. Sleep in a treehouse.
  10. Swim in the ocean.
  11. Surf in California
  12. Go skinny dipping
  13. Fly first class.
  14. Go paintballing
  15. Visit the Georgia Aquarium
  16. Visit the Shedd Aquarium
  17. Visit New York City
  18. Visit Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, & Ukraine)
  19. See a Broadway Show in New York
  20. See the house where my grandmother and great-grandmother lived (Hamburg, Germany)
  21. Go on a road trip through National Parks
  22. Eat cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory.
  23. Visit all the North American countries
  24. Visit the Caribbean
  25. Swim with sharks.
  26. Sleep on the beach.
  27. Hold a snake.
  28. Sleep in a log cabin.
  29. Pull an all-nighter.
  30. Go to Hawaii
  31. Make a speech in front of three hundred people.
  32. Visit Sea World
  33. Be the President of something (Environmental Club & Debate Club)
  34. Take a double-decker bus tour
  35. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  36. Go to a cheese market in France.
  37. Study my ancestors.
  38. Go to a circus.
  39. Eat Chicago-style pizza.
  40. Visit the place where Count of Monte Cristo is set (Marseille, France, Chateau d’If)
  41. Eat Chicago-style popcorn.
  42. Visit a concentration camp (Bergen-Belsen)
  43. Go to a concert outdoors (Rascal Flatts, Zac Brown Band, Little Big Town)
  44. Learn to play an instrument
  45. Make ice cream (peach).
  46. Visit a pickle factory.
  47. Get on the Honor Roll.
  48. Play a sport.
  49. Eat gelato.
  50. Run a 5K.
  51. Run a 10K.
  52. Learn to surf.
  53. Scuba dive.
  54. Go on a cruise.
  55. Go out for a fancy dinner–and order dessert.
  56. Learn conversational French.
  57. Sing in a choir.
  58. Go snorkeling.
  59. Go hiking.
  60. Go rock climbing.
  61. Go jetskiing.
  62. See the Northern Lights (over the Atlantic Ocean & Minnesota)
  63. Visit Niagara Falls.
  64. Buy something using a foreign language.
  65. Vacation in Cancun.
  66. Take a yoga class.
  67. Take a spinning class.
  68. Take a zumba class.
  69. Visit the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, DC.
  70. See the White House
  71. Ride in a police car (it was for charity, guys!)
  72. Visit Chicago.
  73. Climb up the Empire State Building
  74. See Mount Rushmore
  75. Visit Disney World
  76. Learn to paint.
  77. Learn to sew.
  78. Watch a silent film.
  79. Donate.
  80. Go sailing.
  81. Visit a castle.
  82. Visit an aquarium.
  83. Swim with dolphins.
  84. Visit a zoo.
  85. Be kind to a stranger.
  86. Give a big tip.
  87. Fall in love.

What would be on your reverse bucket list? 


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moving out.

Moving out of our old cottage and into our new house was difficult. I never expected to be the kind of person to harbor sentimentality towards a building, but we do tend to surprise ourselves. Something about the smell in the cottage makes me sad, tired. I felt faint distaste for the new house and the cable television and working AC and the dishwasher and the luxuries that really are unnecessary. I felt torn between an urgency to get out of the cottage and a need to curl up on the yellow canvas futon like a child in her mothers lap, drinking in the smell for the last time. It was in the cottage that I was the naked child, giggling in the outdoor shower, squirming and stomping my little girl feet as my mother tried to scoop me up in a towel. It was in the cottage where I learned to play backgammon and Chinese checkers with precocious intensity on nights when the ice cream shop was closed. It was in the cottage where I laid night after summer night in my bedroom loft watching the lightning bugs flicker in their midnight dance, or the occasional summer lightning storm, rumbling across the lake. And in that little yellow cottage with the blue door and green roof and garden all around and a single bathroom, I grew up.

On bended knee is no way to be free
Lifting up an empty cup, I ask silently
All my destinations will accept the one that’s me
So I can breathe…

Circles they grow and they swallow people whole
Half their lives they say goodnight to wives they’ll never know
A mind full of questions, and a teacher in my soul
And so it goes…

Don’t come closer or I’ll have to go
Holding me like gravity are places that pull
If ever there was someone to keep me at home
It would be you…

Everyone I come across, in cages they bought
They think of me and my wandering, but I’m never what they thought
I’ve got my indignation, but I’m pure in all my thoughts
I’m alive…

Wind in my hair, I feel part of everywhere
Underneath my being is a road that disappeared
Late at night I hear the trees, they’re singing with the dead

Leave it to me as I find a way to be
Consider me a satellite, forever orbiting
I knew all the rules, but the rules did not know me

[Guaranteed//Eddie Vedder]