Catching My Eye 10.

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Today has been so long guys. Now that I’m done nannying (summer job), I have like zero motivation to get up in the mornings. Today I didn’t get up until 10:45–how pathetic is that? Getting up late just makes me feel miserable all day. And then we had work acquaintances come by for the afternoon and I get really anxious and grumpy when I have to socialize with strangers for that long so I retreated to my bedroom for a nap until work. So it’s been a bit of a blah day.  I have officially uploaded my Gatsby dinner party pictures though! So I super double cross-my-heart promise they’ll be up tomorrow!

The best of the interwebs:


♥The fact that this place (Lake Lucerne, Switzerland) is actually a real place. Gahhh I wanna go there.

The first quote I fell in love with as a youngster. Thank you, sweet home Alabama.

♥Old but oh-so-cute. –Sweet Home Alabama

♥Anabela from Fieldguided makes friendship bracelets in the color palettes of favorite photos. Who even thinks of that?? Anyways, they’re super cool.

♥Make an iPhone tripod out of a toy dinosaur. Um yes please?? Can someone please get crafty and make this for me?


♥This amazing portfolio of photos by Kevin Russ.

♥This year I hosted a Great Gatsby themed dinner party. Next year, I’m planning on hosting a shark week premiere party! Here are 31 Must-Haves and tips to make it epic.

♥Want to travel for free? Think about a volunteer tour.

♥Maybe someday iPhones will have autogrammar in addition to autocorrect.

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What have you been loving this week? Which of these links did you think was the coolest?


Catching My Eye 09.

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The best of the interwebs:

(This is probs NSFW…but it’s effin hilarious.)

♥I’m working on the 30 Day Arm Challenge with Claire from DaisyBisley. I love feeling stronger!

♥This slightly depressing article shows that I’m about as smart as an eighth grader in 1912.

♥I love this cool Kickstarter campaign for laboratory glasses made into tableware.

The Wine Glass

♥Think your life is tough? Here are 23 easy fixes to first world problems.

♥If anyone wants to give me $60, I’d love this studded Stella & Dot bracelet.

♥Michelle reviews a subscription box of gourmet food!

♥This is so freaky cool! A photographer spliced pictures of family members together and shows how cool genetics are.

Ulric Collette - FullyM1

Make graffiti with moss!

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What have you been loving this week? Which of these links did you think was the coolest?

Catching My Eye 08.

Would you make me very very happy and take my survey? I promise, it’s super short, 9 questions. And most of the questions are multiple choice, a few you have to fill in a word. I will love you forever! 

Just a heads-up, friends. I’m heading up north today for a super short trip. I have posts scheduled for you but I won’t be responding to comments until Friday. So no, I don’t hate you, I’ll reply soon!

The best of the interwebs:

♥This video. True, ain’t it?

♥This beautiful word art! I’m getting SO into typography lately. Any of you like typography or things like that?

Make a photo covered journal!

♥This DIY on A Beautiful Mess on making a photo-covered journal.

♥Yeah, I’m way behind. But Mulberry’s Fall 2011 line ads are phenomenal, aren’t they? I want to live in it.

♥Victoria’s Secret PINK has launched a line called Consent Revolution: underwear decorated with phrases like “Ask first”, “No means no” and “Let’s talk about sex”. By the time women in the United States graduate from college, one in four will have been raped. Women are twice as likely to be raped in their lifetime than to develop breast cancer. This is little, but maybe it’ll change things.

♥In this video, Heineken offers people free flights to exotic destinations. The only caveat? They have to leave immediately and they don’t know where they’re going.

♥This fascinating study shows that Instagram is more depressing than Facebook.

♥Have you heard that the Postal Service might stop delivering to your door? If you live in America.

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Catching My Eye 07.

The best of the interwebs:

♥How to make your t-shirts look semi-ladylike.

♥This super duper cute elephant and hot air balloon throw pillow. Literally, anytime you see anything with an elephant (or rhino or whale or dinosaur) on it, please just buy it for me. I’ll love you forever.

♥This writer made me laugh by rejecting his rejection letter.

♥This jelly.

♥Is there any land in America at all? This map makes it look like all rivers.

Here’s that permission you’ve been waiting for.

McDonald’s suggested budget for employees shows just how hard it is to get by on minimum wage.

♥Your sneezes sound like choruses of angels giggling. —Emergency Compliments.

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Catching My Eye 06.

opstinatus:000025 by 魏三米ya on Flickr.

The best of the interwebs:

♥I know this is super old stuff, but this video of Jimmy Kimmel getting Coachella attendees to lie about their music knowledge cracks me up. Probably something I’d do though–I hate admitting when I haven’t heard of a band. Anyways, I was cracking up.

♥We all know we should go to bed early and get up early, but how often does that really happen? Here’s 7 ways to get in bed earlier tonight.

♥Clearly, I still can’t stop thinking about Iceland. Take me there!

Photo: Hot springs at the Blue Lagoon.

This Spanish restaurant allows unemployed patrons to work for an hour in exchange for a meal.

♥This awesomely education infographic shows ten top destinations in the world that may be disappearing and why you should visit them while you still can.

Beautiful faceted, geometric tattoos on The Uniqueness of Being’s feature called Tattoosday.

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Don’t forget these two super important things!!

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Catching My Eye 05.

This week: I started my new nannying job with two little rambunctious boys. ♥ Saw Monsters University!–so cute ♥ enjoyed meeting some new people ♥ hung out at the library (typical) ♥ did not run–once ♥ bought some little things for the boy’s care package ♥

Now for the best of the interwebs:

♥This Tumblr called Humans of New York shows little snippets of everyday lives.

♥In honor of Independence Day, read up on our (my) nation’s first murderer and our origins in cannibalism and alcoholism. Splendid. That’ll inspire some patriotism.

♥This beautiful photo shoot of Mic & Sam on Manzanita.

mic and sam by manzanita photo by rebecca caridad

♥A super creepy (probably entirely false) story in case you’re into that.

♥The surprising reason why almost all Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes. This is such a beautiful idea.

♥Lastly, this beautiful scene of stars & a sunset.

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Catching My Eye 04.

This week: I worked, scooping lots of ice cream ♥ Played lots of games with friends ♥ swam & laid out on the beach ♥ ran my longest run in awhile (4.5 mi) ♥

Now for the best of the interwebs:

Obama likes Snocones.

♥Shannon at The Feminist Mystique has a series on different women (and some men) and their choices to change, keep, or hypenate their last names upon getting married.

Bill Nye the Science Guy’s house is energy efficient with solar panels and green windows.

95% of people wash their hands wrong, are you one of them?

♥Sarah Von from Yes and Yes shares a new idea for your bucket list: write a letter to an inmate.

♥This explanation of the right & left sides of your brain.

♥The reasons I love Anthropologie: These Victorian style whale bookends, this beautiful pale pink watch, and this bust of a giraffe that I want hanging on my wall.

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