Weekly Wishes #10 (+sponsor love)


Hey all. It’s Monday, you know what that means! Today, I’m linking up with The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes. The Weekly Wishes is where we all can share our posts about goals, challenges, and wishes for the week!

Last week, I wished for a few things and they weren’t very successful. My Bloglovin’ feed is still overpowering me! But at least I haven’t let it grow anymore. And I did complete the biggest wish of all–to get home safely. I spent last night with H and we had a blast just hanging out, eating pancakes, ice cream and black cherry soda (balanced diet, am I right?). So I totally don’t even care about my other goals; all that matters is that I’m finally home.

A week from today, school starts again! In honor of this wondrous (jokes) occasion, I’m offering a SURPRISE SALE–30% off all ad spaces from today until next Monday, August 19, 2013 when I start school. See all of your options on my sponsor page and make sure to mention this sale when you contact me!

But on a slightly less happy note, I don’t have much time before school craziness starts. In other words, I gotta get my shiz together. For those of you who don’t know, I just drove home to NC from Michigan over the weekend, where I’ve been living for two months. So I have a lot of schoolwork left to do and unpacking and cleaning and I need to work on finding a job! And to add to it, my body’s on a crazy sleep schedule because I used to get off work at one. In a week, I’ll be getting up at 6ish for school, so something’s gotta change. Basically, I got lots to do.

In more simple terms, here are my wishes:

  • Get my body on a good sleep schedule. Specifically, lights out by ten thirty, out of bed by eight. I can do this!!
  • Do some major cleaning! Pick up or clean for 30 minutes every single day–if possible, right when I get out of bed. My desk drawers are stuffed and I’ve got books all over my room that need to be picked up (figures).
  • Write out a full posting schedule for my first week of school. 
  • Look for a job. I’d ideally like a job in tutoring, but I’ll see what I can scrape up–wish me luck!

Now head on over to The Nectar Collective and join the Weekly Wish link up.

Today, I’ve also got a super exciting opportunity to introduce a lady who’s been chilling out on my sidebar recently. Crystal writes over at The Happy Type about positivity and things that inspire her. In her own words, The Happy Type is “a place for women to grow”. Let’s chat with this stellar female!

crystal of the happy type

Crystal, I want to introduce you by talking about some of your favorite things–give us a book recommendation to start us off! 

In high school a teacher made me read Catch-22 and I was so mad because a wartime story, UGHHH! BUT it turned into my all time favorite book because of the amazing story line Joseph Heller’s writing is simply sensational. Even if you don’t like wartime fiction Catch-22 is such an engaging story that you’ll find yourself immersed in it in no time!

I’ve never read that, but I’ll definitely be adding it to my list! What about your favorite band or song?

Journey / “Don’t Stop Believin'”!

If you could visit or live in one place, anywhere in the world, where would it be?


Ooh, Prague sounds super! 


Her fave posts: Protecting Your Joy / Being Happy Where You Are (Literally)

My fave posts of hers: If Home Is Where The Heart Is, Then What About When Your Heart Is Missing? / Four Seasons Smoothie (yum!)

Meet up with Crystal: Bloglovin’ / Facebook / Twitter

What were your wishes this week? Don’t forget about the sponsor sale–30% off until next Monday!

26 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #10 (+sponsor love)

  1. Good luck Allie. It is so hard for me to go to sleep early too. I really need to (as I am commenting on other blogs at 11:53pm). So I’ll take you up on that too, and attempt to go to bed at a regular, decent hour!! Have an awesome week, and productive last week of summer!

    • Haha it’s okay, I wrote that post at one in the morning! I figure if I get up early it’ll be easier to fall asleep early. Today was my first day and I only overslept by twenty minutes–and yes, that’s way impressive for me. Good luck with your goals!

  2. I used to make it a point to sleep only at 11pm or slightly later, since my day would end late during days when I have my night class. The down side about that is when it’s time to stay up and have fun with friends, I’d be sinking into zombie mode. No regrets though! Haha. Good luck!

    xo // Elizabeth // nomelizabeth.blogspot.com

  3. :) Yay for being back home! It’s like we switched places — at the beginning of the summer, I left Michigan to go to North Carolina and now you’re doing the same! :) Can’t believe school starts so soon!

    And yay for Crystal! :))))

    • Oh I didn’t even realize that–how funny! Both are my favorite places in the world :) And I know right, she’s like the cutest thing ever; I’m so happy to have her on my sidebar!

      • Oh good, thanks! I’m not satisfied with it yet but because I’m not self-hosted I can only do so much. It annoys me so much that the slider is yellow!! But thanks for your kind words :)

    • Thank you, I’ll need it! Sometimes I struggle with insomnia and I am one of those people who literally cannot function without 7-8 hours of sleep…so I need to get back on track! Have a great week!

  4. Stopping by from the link-up! First off, I adore your blog, so cute! The transition from summer to fall semester can be a tough one, but I think you have great goals from going to one to the other. Good luck with your goals and best of luck with school!
    Passionately Curious

    • Thanks for stopping by Courtney! I found your blog a few weeks ago at the link up and sort of stalked your archives for a little… :) Good luck with your goals and glad to meet you!

  5. Hey, that’s me! WHOO! Thanks for the feature, I love it. :) You’ve got a lot going on so a good sleep schedule is critical and I’m currently working on that myself. I hope you’ll be able to get some great shut eye so you’ll be ready to take on your other projects!

    • Oh ha, I’m not in college! I did a good bit of tutoring for calculus students last year, but I would love to have a bit more reliable work with a company. But I still have students that I can work with as a back up plan. But thanks! I love her so I was excited to post it!

  6. Sleep, cleaning, school, and work are all really important!!! Good Luck in getting all that organized!!! I like #1 the best. Without good sleep, one can not function properly! :) Glad I found your blog!! If you get a chance, follow me at meetwithasmile.blogspot.com
    Have a great week!

  7. There is something about the change in seasons that just makes me want to clean like a mad woman! Also, I am a little bit terrified of becoming a hoarder :) This is my first time participating in Weekly Wishes and I am loving all the great new blogs I am discovering (like yours). Good luck this week!

    • Makes you want to clean? Ha! That doesn’t happen to me. And I love that about weekly wishes–your blog is legitimately my new favorite. I’m stalking your archives right now… :)

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