Gatsby dinner party recap, part un

Monday night, my friends and I threw a big Gatsby/Roaring 20s themed dinner party. We had a blast! We girls shopped all day and then cooked dinner–even in our fancy dresses! Actually not that fancy, most of them are from Goodwill. Figures.

We mostly stuck to food that was significant to the novel–Daisy’s Mint Juleps, mashed potatoes + string beans, lemon cake. But the boys wanted steak, so we also had kebabs.

We set up in the lower level of my backyard. Later we realized we set up under our satellite dish. Classy, right?

Then we ate!

We danced to some 1920’s swing…

We played croquet….

We attempted to play badminton…

We took lots of pictures (more to come)…

(Excuse my friend’s face on the far left…)

When I woke up Monday, it said 40% chance of rain from 3pm till midnight. We also had an extremely limited budget. But thankfully, neither of those ended up being a problem! We used as much stuff as we could find in our own houses (or in those of the old ladies we know) to save money and ended up spending less that $50 on food! Most of our dresses are from Goodwill and accessories were ours or our grandmothers. It didn’t rain, other than a brief smattering before dinner. Overall, it was a smashing success!

Have you ever hosting a dinner party? What are your tips to make a party a success?

16 thoughts on “Gatsby dinner party recap, part un

    • I bet! We threw ours together really last minute so I’m sure it could have been soo much better if we actually had money and stuff. Lucky fiance! :)

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