Funky mood? Not for long.

Being in a funk sucks. I get in a funk, for no reason at all every few weeks or so and I feel just miserable. I’m grumpy at everyone I see, I stomp around and I get things done about as fast as molasses in January. You get these too? Congrats, you’re normal. Well get your mouse ready to bookmark this because I’m about to give you foolproof steps to take the first bus out of Funkytown.


1. Be extra funky. Tell yourself and everyone you see, “I am in a funk.” Make extra grumpy faces at people on purpose and scowl at your goldfish. You’re not allowed to get out of your funk. The more you try to be in a funk, the harder it is.

2. Decide to get out of the funk. Why? Because being in a funk sucks. Come on, keep up. Admit you’re in a funk and try to be open to positivity. Then proceed.

3. Take care of yourself. Take a shower. Girls, put on a little makeup, do a face mask, paint your nails. It’s harder to feel funky when you look fabulous.

4. Be productive. Make a to do list and commit to doing one thing start to finish even if it’s small. Do a load of laundry. Reply to a few emails. Work on something that will occupy your mind.

5. Talk to someone who loves you. Find your funniest/most awesome friend and call them. Say, “I’m in a funk; entertain me, friend.”

6. Go outside. A little walk/run/bike ride can do wonders for a funky mood. Even sitting outside with a book or iPod can shift your mood from sad to sassy!

7. And lastly, watch these gifs, put googly eyes on stuff,  Jes-style, listen to this and read this book.

6 thoughts on “Funky mood? Not for long.

  1. This is perfect! When I’m in a funk I don’t feel like doing anything but eating a pint or 5 pints of ice cream. No good! I’m glad you posted this :)

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