Weekly Wishes #8

(Isn’t this gorgeoussss? It’s in Norway, somewhere.)

Hey all. Today, I’m linking up with The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes. The Weekly Wishes is where we all can share our posts about goals, challenges, and wishes for the week! Last week, my goals were to run once, get through my Bloglovin’ feed, connect with bloggers, keep my bedroom clean and learn something new.

  • Ran once? Sure did! Five miles.
  • Get through my Bloglovin’ feed? Oh man, no. I’m closer to 300-350 now. I’m so sorry for commenting on everyone’s posts from two weeks ago. I’m working on it.
  • Connect with bloggers? A little bit but not as much as I would have liked. You’re a blogger? Tweet @CallMeSassBlog or comment or comment on my Facebook! (See buttons above)
  • Keep my room clean? Did pretty well! Not perfectly, but it was a good try!
  • Learn something new? I learned about the colors you see when you shut your eyes!

Now, for this week’s wishes:

  • Go through my whole Bloglovin’ feed (take two)! This is getting pathetic. Share your blog with me below!
  • Get a new sponsor! Want to help me out? Check out my sponsor page! Starts at only five bucks!
  • Spend some quality time brainstorming posts for my first week of school–it’s gonna be crazy busy!
  • Make progress on my school reading and start college applications!

Now head on over to The Nectar Collective and join the Weekly Wish link up.

What were your wishes this week? If you have a blog, tweet me, comment or sponsor to help me reach my wishes!

13 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #8

  1. What a great article about “crashing the party in our eyes”~ so interesting, thanks for the link!

    Good luck with your goals this week, I know what you mean about letting Bloglovin posts build up. I do it all the time!!

    Lou x

    • Ahh good I knew someone else did too! It’s weird–I love blogs but it’s become a must-do. Anyways, I’ll work on it again this week. Good luck with your goals! xx

  2. We have similar goals! Brainstorming blog post ideas. And oh wow! Going through your Bloglovin’ newsfeed is a great goal! I have 250+ posts I need to get through reading.

  3. Hey Allie! Yeah, I have given up on my bloglovin’ feed because I have wayyyyyyy too many blogs that I follow, haha. I actually have a second feed that’s my “must-read” blogs and even those I get behind on. But good luck with keeping up and I’m sure it’s a welcome surprise to get a comment on a post from a while ago. I know I always like those, too!

    Good luck with all of your goals for this week!

    • Well you’re somewhere in that feed so someday I’ll get to those posts! I know they deserve to be read! But that must-read category is a great idea. I may have to try that! Baby steps…

  4. I managed to go through my bloglovin’ feet, but I needed about a week probably???^^
    So no worries… I even would think I am happy when people pay attention to some blog posts I wrote ages ago, haha!!^^

  5. Oh, I so need to get through my bloglovin’ feed too. It is starting to haunt me! Made a date with my iPad and favourite coffee shop for Friday to see what can be done about it. I think it is going to be fun!

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