Someone please send me here.

Guys, I love whale sharks. Literally, I could just look at one for hours. When I visited them in Georgia back in December, that’s literally all I did. I sat in front of their tank and just watched. Something about them makes me feel so wonderful and yet so small that I could cry. Have you ever felt that? I just watch this video over and over.

P.S. Go fullscreen.


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6 thoughts on “Someone please send me here.

  1. I’m the same way but with blue whales. They fascinate me. The biggest mammal on earth and we don’t know that much about them? What? How is that not interesting? And because we’re just recently finding out more and more about them (like how they mate, and where they give birth, etc.) it feels like you’re uncovering a piece of this huge imaginary puzzle. I love them, that is all.

  2. That’s here in Okinawa! I went for the first time while I was pregnant with my son, and in a month or so, we’re going back because my mother in law is coming out to the island to visit us. I am way too excited to see the whale sharks again. They’re my favorite.

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