5 More Things I’m Not Ashamed Of (But Probably Should Be)

1. All the librarians at our local library know me. Not like they just recognize my face vaguely–they know me, by name/favorite books/magazine preferences. Needless to say, we hang out a lot.

2. I know most of the words to every song on the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack. So what? It’s not a movie about vampire alien transvestites or anything, who said that? Not weird at all.

3. I always have at least (read: usually more than) eight tabs open at a time. Proof, right now:


4. I get scared so easily, especially in scary movies. We’re not just talking about a little spooked. A few months ago, H and I watched Paranormal Activity 3. “It’s not too scary,” he says. “You’ll like it,” he says. I’ll like it, yeah right. I slept with my closet light on for two weeks.

5. Not only do I watch Jerry Springer and love it, I watch Dance Moms. And love it.

Smart girl.

What are you not ashamed of (that maybe you should be)? Do you think I should be ashamed of any of these?

10 thoughts on “5 More Things I’m Not Ashamed Of (But Probably Should Be)

    • Haha that’s okay! I do too sometimes (even if I haven’t watched a scary movie!). And I still sleep with my baby blanket sometimes! And thank you so much, I’m glad you like it.

  1. Thanks for the sweet welcome, Allie! I love your blog and these are really adorable confessions. Love Rocky Horror! In fact, after I finish watching Chicago and Best Little Whorehouse in Texas… I think I’ll watch it. Ah, musicals… ;)

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