treasury: bright + cheery [home decor]

bright and cheery


H and I were talking about how we’d decorate our future home(s?) and comparing our styles of home decor. He’s very into woodsy, dark, manly and traditional spaces that are more reminiscent of a hunting lodge than anything I’d ever want to live in. I hope my future home is full of natural light and bright colors and pretty shapes.

How do you decorate your home? If you live with someone else, how does their style compare to yours?

4 thoughts on “treasury: bright + cheery [home decor]

      • It really does make you happy- I love the way bright colors can do that! Our bedroom will forsure be bright & cheery but we have a dark couch/kitchen table so I’m worried our main area will look to dark! Currently thinking up ideas to brighten it up a bit :) I may have to take some of your finds!!

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