Catching My Eye 06.

opstinatus:000025 by 魏三米ya on Flickr.

The best of the interwebs:

♥I know this is super old stuff, but this video of Jimmy Kimmel getting Coachella attendees to lie about their music knowledge cracks me up. Probably something I’d do though–I hate admitting when I haven’t heard of a band. Anyways, I was cracking up.

♥We all know we should go to bed early and get up early, but how often does that really happen? Here’s 7 ways to get in bed earlier tonight.

♥Clearly, I still can’t stop thinking about Iceland. Take me there!

Photo: Hot springs at the Blue Lagoon.

This Spanish restaurant allows unemployed patrons to work for an hour in exchange for a meal.

♥This awesomely education infographic shows ten top destinations in the world that may be disappearing and why you should visit them while you still can.

Beautiful faceted, geometric tattoos on The Uniqueness of Being’s feature called Tattoosday.

♥You might have missed: Let’s Make Things Pretty: Free Fonts ♥ 4 Genius TEDTalks ♥ In Which I Try To Make You Like Something Weird

Don’t forget these two super important things!!

I’m holding an awesome Adventure Lovin’ Giveaway AND Call Me Sassafras has ad spaces on SALE for super cheap!

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