Sponsor me + stuff like that

This blog has been growing faster than I could have imagined. In the last month, the number of my readers has grown by 517%. (By the way, the word is quintupled. It sounds a little worrisome to say that my readers have quintupled. Is it just me or does that sound like they’ve contracted a terrible disease? Anyways, I promise you they are alive and well.) SO in response to this, I have decided to begin offering sponsorship spots on my blog. And don’t worry, I got perks for you.


As my blog has grown, I’ve been putting more and more of my own money into it, which makes offering sponsorship a logical choice. Call Me Sassafras will be a 100% Full Circle blog. This means that every penny earned from advertising on this blog goes back into improving the design of CMS and advertising on other blogs. In other words, your dollars are going the extra miles because when CMS gets more readers, your blog gets more readers.

Here’s why you should sponsor me:

  1. I’m cute.
  2. You love me.
  3. I got readers who like finding new blogs. (See stats on sponsorship page)
  4. It’s cheap. Since I’m just starting out, the first spaces bought in each size are on sale. $6 for the 250 x 250 and $3 for the 250 x 100. 
  5. I got perks. The big size gets a guest post/giveaway, spotlight post, lots of social media and more. The little size gets a spot in the group sponsor feature and lots of social media love.
  6. You’ll make an awesome friend (hint: me).

Interested in being my blog friend and growing your blog while you’re at it? Check out the new sponsorship page.

8 thoughts on “Sponsor me + stuff like that

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