Weekly Wishes #5

The Nectar Collective

Hey all. Once again, I’m linking up with The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes. The Weekly Wishes is where we all can share our posts about goals, challenges, and wishes for the week! Last week, my goal was to watch a TEDTalk every night! Some nights I watched a couple talks but other nights I didn’t watch any so it kind of evened out. But it’s definitely a habit I’d like to keep up with. Tomorrow I’ll post a list of my favorite talks and I can’t wait to share some with you!

Now, for this week’s wish:

I had been doing pretty well on preparing for my half-marathon but unfortunately I skipped like a week and a half when I started nannying and my mornings were crazy busy. On this past Saturday, my town hosted a fun run and I participated in that on the spur of the moment and that’s inspired me to pick back up where I left off. This week, my runs are three, four, three and six miles and that last one will be a doozy. But I’m publicly committing to doing the whole six mile run, even if I have to walk a little. Guys, make me do it!

Now head on over to The Nectar Collective and join the Weekly Wish link up.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #5

  1. I think it’s so cool that you’re preparing for a half-marathon! :) I can barely run two miles, so I give you major kudos for that! I’m sure you can do this – and even if you don’t manage to run the whole 6 miles, it’s okay to walk for a bit: Better than giving up! :)


    • That’s exactly what I think! I find that I run more often and longer by allowing myself like two minutes of walking every two or three miles on long runs. And thanks for your encouragement! I’m hoping by posting it here, I’ll actually do it.

  2. Actually, did you know that walking during runs is better for your body? Running is considered a high stress exercise, which is bad for the body, so it’s recommended to run AND walk when you do considerable distances! I actually just got done with 3.15 mile run and it’s the best feeling ever, even though I did walk a bit here and there. It’s such a huge stress release for me! Good luck on your 6 mile run. I’m definitely trying to work towards a longer distance as well.

    • Hmm I’m not sure if I knew that. I have heard that intervals burns more calories if that’s what you mean. But I also walk because it gives me a minute to drink water and stay hydrated, especially when it’s so stinkin hot out! Good luck with your running!

  3. Wow 6 miles?! I can barely run to the end of my street lol. Well done with last weeks wishes and best of luck for this week and for your half marathon. Can’t wait to read about your favourite TED talks.

    • Haha if it makes you feel better, I can’t run 6 miles either! (yet!) And thanks, I’m really excited to share my favorite talks! This was definitely my favorite goal so far. xx

  4. You got this girl!! I am so excited for you and your training because I remember when I was on the same journey. I eventually got to 14 mi. runs and I always felt exhausted but amazing after them, but I got to the point where you get burnt out on running, booo!! I have been thinking of getting back into it when I get back to America because running in Korea is like playing Frogger. :) Just stay focused and don’t think about how FAR you need to go, but just that you should go. Does that make sense? I used to get overwhelmed anticipating my long run, but I grew to love them because as long as I kept moving I was doing something positive. I know you can do it and what training plan are you using?

    • I’m using Hal Higdon’s Novice 2. And thank you for your advice! Sometimes I just have to tell myself to go run for ten minutes and then I’ll end up doing the whole run. But at the same time, if after ten minutes I still feel miserable, I’ll stop. Running is meant to be something I feel good about, not something I dread. Good luck with your running!

  5. Awesome weekly challenge~ I have been meaning to pick up running again for the longest time and keep on putting it off. You have officially inspired me to dust off my running shoes, thank you Allie! x

    • Good, I’m glad! Running truly makes me feel better about myself and that feeling gets addicting! Like I was telling Crystal, just get out there for ten minutes and see how it goes! And don’t be scared of walking! Good luck!!

  6. Allie: I am glad your goal for watching TED talks went well and I look forward to seeing your list of favorites. Good luck with your running goals!

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