In Which I Try To Make You Like Something Weird.

Yesterday, my aunt and uncle came to visit my family here in Michigan and of course, they wanted the tour of the new place. Unfortunately for me, that means cleaning. Fortunately, 8tracks has a playlist for everything and playlists make everything easier. Seriously though, people make playlists for weird stuff. Actual examples: cleaning windows, yelling at someone, standing in a lighthouse. Life needs music, y’all.

Anyways, my point is thus: I found a great cleaning playlist, the Mean Green Cleaning Machine. Super weird, super awesome. I spent my day listening to not only swing music, but electro swing. I don’t even know what the heck that is but it’s freaking awesome. Proof: a swing/electric cover of “Thrift Shop”.

Are you as crazy as I am and you actually like this music? (P.S. you totally should) Listen to these other electro swing songs: Bad Boy Good Man, Christopher Columbus or Nine to Five.

Do any of you actually like electro swing music? Am I totally weird for liking it? What weird genres do you think are actually awesome?

One thought on “In Which I Try To Make You Like Something Weird.

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