Catching My Eye 05.

This week: I started my new nannying job with two little rambunctious boys. ♥ Saw Monsters University!–so cute ♥ enjoyed meeting some new people ♥ hung out at the library (typical) ♥ did not run–once ♥ bought some little things for the boy’s care package ♥

Now for the best of the interwebs:

♥This Tumblr called Humans of New York shows little snippets of everyday lives.

♥In honor of Independence Day, read up on our (my) nation’s first murderer and our origins in cannibalism and alcoholism. Splendid. That’ll inspire some patriotism.

♥This beautiful photo shoot of Mic & Sam on Manzanita.

mic and sam by manzanita photo by rebecca caridad

♥A super creepy (probably entirely false) story in case you’re into that.

♥The surprising reason why almost all Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes. This is such a beautiful idea.

♥Lastly, this beautiful scene of stars & a sunset.

♥You might have missed: Tips for Surviving a Long Distance Relationship ♥ Why I Like Jerry Springer ♥ 6 Things I’m Not Ashamed Of (But Probably Should Be) ♥ The Reverse Bucket List ♥ Free iPhone Backgrounds

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