6 Things I’m Not Ashamed Of (But Probably Should Be)

1. I still think Hanson is a good band. Example one: “Penny & Me”–I still listen to this song regularly.

Example two: I listen to their new album. Example three: I actually knew that Hanson had a new album.

2. I wear a helmet. So what? I’m safe. I’m more likely to get in an accident than most people you know, so it’s probably a good idea. Plus, I look hot.

Cute face, cute helmet. Be jealous.

photo (10)

3. I am a grammar snob. Yes, I do make the occasional (read: once a year) mistake in my grammar, but please know that if you split an infinitive or misplace a modifier, I have already judged you. (Please don’t go looking for grammar mistakes in my posts now that I’ve been all arrogant about it…)

4. I watch Jerry Springer. Why? Read my rationale.

I know I already posted this picture but you’ve got to admit, that’s funny.Pretty intense episode of Jerry Springer, lol.

5. While I know a lot of words, I’m notorious among my friends for mispronouncing them. When I was little, I thought “porcelain” was pronounced pork-lain and I had no clue the ‘b’ in “subtle” was silent. There are many more examples. Why? My mom said it was because I read too much and didn’t talk to people enough. That’s why I was fifteen before I learned how to pronounce hyperbole.

6. I watch Workaholics. And yes, I get almost all of the dirty jokes. Not ashamed.

What are you not ashamed of (that maybe you should be)? Do you think I should be ashamed of any of these?

12 thoughts on “6 Things I’m Not Ashamed Of (But Probably Should Be)

  1. This post was so great! Don’t be ashamed of anything, you do you, girlfriend! I’d have to say, sometimes I go out without a bra on (seriously, you can’t even notice) and I have nooo shame. Maybe I should for the sake of being more “ladylike” but hey, what people know won’t hurt ’em!


    • Yes! I do that too. Here’s one that I was going to add but couldn’t decide if it was “appropriate” enough: I’m not ashamed that I totally answered the door without pants on the other day, just the long shirt I sleep in. In my defense, I saw it was two friends of mine! They don’t judge me :) Thanks for stopping by and your sweet words.

  2. Adorable! I too am a total grammar snob. Also, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people misuse the word literally. I saw a news reporter one time say “It’s literally raining cats and dogs out here!” Let’s see, guilty pleasures, anything involving the Kardashians.

    • Hahah “literally” almost always means figuratively, right? And I’ve never gotten into the Kardashians but that’s probably a pretty similar feeling to my Jerry Springer love! Just so much drama!

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  5. AH I also mispronounce everything wrong for the same reason! Reading too much and not talking enough to people.. Also my mom mispronounces lots of things wrong because english is her second language. I always place the emphasis on words wrong (CON-flicted instead of conflICTED).. perhaps the funniest thing I mispronounced is Dr. I used to say derrr because I didn’t know it was short for doctor!

    • Hahah that is funny! But really, I mispronounce things all the time and English is my first (and pretty much only!) language, so you’d think I’d be getting the hang of it. Just tonight, I referenced a town near us called Galien–I’ve always called it gail-ee-en, my whole life….apparently it’s guh-leen. Oh well! :)

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