Free iPhone Backgrounds

Last night (early this morning), I just could not sleep for the life of me. Work had gotten me all up and going and I just couldn’t get my mind to settle down. So I put that energy to good(ish) use and made some iPhone backgrounds for you.  (P.S. I know they look a little blurry here, but that’s just WordPress being silly. The actual files look much better on an iPhone!)
untitled pattern3  iphone background2  iphone background 3 iphone background 4 iphone background 5 iphone background 6

Download iPhone backgrounds 1-3 here, and backgrounds 4-6 here.

To use, open this page on your iPhone or iPod. Next to the image of your choice, click the downward-facing arrow and then click download. Then confirm that you would like to download. When the image pops up, hold it and then click ‘Save image’. It’s now in your photos, ready to be your next background!

P.S. More free stuff?? Chelsea is giving away embroidered headphones here.

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