Catching My Eye 04.

This week: I worked, scooping lots of ice cream ♥ Played lots of games with friends ♥ swam & laid out on the beach ♥ ran my longest run in awhile (4.5 mi) ♥

Now for the best of the interwebs:

Obama likes Snocones.

♥Shannon at The Feminist Mystique has a series on different women (and some men) and their choices to change, keep, or hypenate their last names upon getting married.

Bill Nye the Science Guy’s house is energy efficient with solar panels and green windows.

95% of people wash their hands wrong, are you one of them?

♥Sarah Von from Yes and Yes shares a new idea for your bucket list: write a letter to an inmate.

♥This explanation of the right & left sides of your brain.

♥The reasons I love Anthropologie: These Victorian style whale bookends, this beautiful pale pink watch, and this bust of a giraffe that I want hanging on my wall.

♥You might have missed: fresh pair of eyes [a playlist] ♥ Weekly Wishes #3 ♥ celtic rock [a playlist]
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