fresh pair of eyes [playlist]

Here in Southwest Michigan, it’s been a rainy couple of days. As I went for a run in the rain a few days ago, I admired the forest around the roads where I live. Even though I was listening to rock for my run, it made me feel like this:

Quelqu’un M’a Dit//Carla Bruni
Go On//Elephant Revival
Take Me Somewhere Nice//Mogwai
Love Song #1//White Buffalo
You Ain’t Alone//Alabama Shakes
I’ll Drown//Soley
Old Friends//Simon & Garfunkel
Where is My Love//Cat Power
It’s Only Fear// Alexi Murdoch
I Won’t Give Up//Jason Mraz
Fresh Pair of Eyes//Brooke Waggoner
Chanson Triste//Carla Bruni
Cheers Darlin’//Damien Rice

Listen on Spotify.

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