Wake Up, Allie [playlist]

So unfortunately, I am not a morning person, as much as I’d like to be. I’m also not a night person. I just like my sleep. Ideally, I’d sleep from ten till ten in the morning. However, getting up that late tends to mean I don’t get really going until eleven or so, and then half my day is gone. That’s why I made my weekly wish this week to try setting a morning routine. I didn’t do so hot this morning, as I got up at about 9:35 when I realized I had work at 10. Such is life. Anyways, I made a little playlist to motivate me to wake up and run in the morning. Listen to it in this order; it starts slow and will get you up and at ’em. Warning though–it is way eclectic. Incubus to Yo-Yo Ma to Led Zeppelin to Needtobreathe. But I think it’s awesome! Listen on 8tracks.

  1. Aqueous Transmission//Incubus
  2. C’est Ma Terre//Christopher Mae
  3. Rise to the Sun (Live on KEXP)//Alabama Shakes
  4. Separate Ways (One for the Road)//The River and the Road
  5. 123 Stop//The Postelles
  6. Girl Named Tennessee//Needtobreathe
  7. Movin’ Right Along//Alkaline Trio
  8. Hope the Good Things Never End//Northcote
  9. This Too Shall Pass//OK Go
  10. Houses of the Holy//Led Zeppelin
  11. Attaboy//Yo Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile
  12. The Southern Wild//Eliza & the Bear
  13. Don’t Upset the Rhythm (Go Baby Go)//The Noisettes
  14. Dolores//The Mavericks
  15. Lemon Parade//Tonic

So we’ll see if a good playlist is enough to get me going in the morning! Tune in tomorrow for a new collection of things that are Catching My Eye.

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