ReverbNation Gems

I love ReverbNation as a way to find & listen to some lesser known (but still very wonderful) music. If you don’t know of any artists, try listening to a “radio” channel (i.e. Trending Artists, Local Chart Toppers or a genre). If you do know of an artist you want to listen to, you can listen to some of their songs as well as see other artists that they recommend. You can also put in your city and a genre or two or three and RN will make a calendar for you of concerts near you that you might enjoy! It’s a great way to support local artists and listen to new music. Here are a few of my favorite artists:

1.Lisa Stevens. I found this great lady when I went to the September 2012 Tosco Music Party, and I still can’t stop listening to her. If you only listen to one thing, listen to this song, “O Mi Dios”. It made me cry the first time I heard it. Listen if you like Stevie Nicks (especially Landslide), Kate Wolf, Carly Simon, Peter, Paul & Mary or John Denver. Listen to “O Mi Dios”.

2. Doug Wilcox. “Honey-soaked vocals” is how Bootleg Magazine describes Wilcox’s music and they are so right. “The sound is a singer/songwriter stew of folk/rock, blues, and soul.” Listen to “Duality”.

3. Boulder Acoustic Society. “Boulder Acoustic Society’s music is haunted by the past and focused on the future. It’s indie-folk that draws from Appalachian roots, gritty gospel and the contemporary urban soundscape. BAS mission to merge tradition with innovation produces a unique sound and an unforgettable live entertainment experience.” Listen to “Shelter“.

Go give them a listen!


Love, A.

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