Catching My Eye.

This week: I finished school (for the year)!♥celebrated the boy’s sister’s birthday with dinner & cheesecake♥started my half marathon training plan♥started my summer reading for European History♥went on many Roo runs!

Now, for the best of the interwebs.

♥Do cabins make you nostalgic and warm and fuzzy inside? If so, Cabin Porn has pages and pages of beautiful cozy cabins around the world.

Cabins in Hólar, Iceland. Contributed by Shawna Nelson.

♥Slightly profane, this gallery shows pretty much every hilarious post on tumblr.

♥This list of 100 best American movies needs to be somehow incorporated into my summer to-do list. I have to say, I’m quite proud that I have seen 13 of these movies–even if most of them were in my Film Studies class.

♥Carrie at Dream Green DIY make these awesome gold and neon DIY bookends out of rocks. Definitely a project I’d love to do! Only problem–bookends take up room that I need for more books. Tragic. #litworldproblems


♥Fun and semi-useful, this chart for better understanding your haters is both simple and resoundingly true.

♥As a girl who doesn’t plan on having kids, this article about the life of childless adults showed me two sides of the issue I thought I knew well.

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Love, A.


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