Dreaming of…Iceland

Almost exactly a year from now, I’ll be heading off on my senior trip–my one chance to go (almost) anywhere in the world. I still haven’t managed to choose a destination. Iceland is one of my top picks:



Photo: Scenic view of Laugavegur Trek.

(Laugavegur Trail, photo by Ida Koric for National Geographic)

Photo: Hot springs at the Blue Lagoon.

(Blue Lagoon Hot Springs, photo by Jessica Anand)

Photo: View of downtown Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

(Reykjavik, photo by Vinod Krishnan)

Photo: Wild horses in Iceland.

(Juan Maria Rivas)

Photo: Dyrholaey Promontory in Iceland.

(Dyrhólaey Promontory, photo by Noelia Magnusson)

Photo: A photographer photographing Seljalandsfoss.

(Seljalandsfoss, photo by Giedre Lesmaityte)

Photo: Snaefellness Peninsula.

(Snaefellsness, photo by Natalie Panek)



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