moving day.

Today, I’m flying to a little town called BB in southeast Michigan to move into my new house. I’m from Minnesota and live in North Carolina but for the entirety of my life, my family has spent our summers in BB. For the last seventeen years, we’ve squished five people into a two-bed-one-bath cottage with less than effective AC for two months every year. So now we’re moving into our new house for the summer. :)

Some things you should know about BB & my summers:

  • Everything is within walking/running distance, except the grocery store, which is in the next town over. My friends’ houses, the Well, the Tabernacle (church) and the beach.
  • I work at an ice cream shop called the Well. A hundred years ago, Swedish immigrants settled in the area when they found a well–hence the name! It’s super cute and a great hangout space as well as a fantastic place to work.
  • Afternoons are for the beach. Always, even if it looks like rain.

Here’s one of the many songs I’ve downloaded for the plane–

Upside Down // Paloma Faith

Love, A.

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